Welcome to the course

Welcome to the course "What, Why & How. Your road to Entrepreneurship"! 

This course employs a scalable entrepreneurial education methodology and high-quality interactive educational resources and tools to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and skills and the development of key transversal skills such as digital and foreign language skills, thereby fostering your employability as well as your personal and professional development. 

Entrepreneurship is mostly lectured in a traditional way with a focus on business management and the development of business plans, which is why the course also covers general topics such as motivation, leadership and team building. 

We thereby seek to promote the development of innovative multi-dimensional educational approaches to prepare you to solve today's and tomorrow's economic, social and cultural challenges. There seem to be limited opportunities for developing the following key competences that are particularly important in successfully setting up a business: teamwork, communication and negotiation, problem-solving, and the ability to identify market needs and turn them into business opportunities. One of the identified barriers to entrepreneurship is fear of failure, which is why you will be given the opportunity in this course to develop an ability to cope with failure and be resilient and persistent, as these are key success factors for any entrepreneur. 

This MOOC includes 6 modules which will train you in entrepreneurial skills over 6 weeks. Each module contains videos (interviews with experts in entrepreneurship with subtitles available in English and Spanish) and complementary multimedia material: 

  • Module 1. Entrepreneurship Innovation for Turbulent Times 
  • Module 2. Entrepreneurship Theory Overview and Context 
  • Module 3. Business Analysis and Strategic Management 
  • Module 4. Organisational Design 
  • Module 5. Competing in the Market 
  • Module 6. Human Resource Management and Leading Function. 

Each module contains a compulsory activity that must be successfully completed in order to move on to the next module. In Module 0 the compulsory activity is the Initial Questionaire. 

Now it's time to embark on Your Road to Entrepreneurship. Let's go!


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